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Best Soy Protein Powder

Soy protein has been unfairly criticized in the bodybuilding world because it was once believed to promote estrogenic effects (which can lead to a decrease in muscle mass and greater amounts of fat gain). New research has proven that this is not the case and that there are no negative effects on hormone levels by consuming soy protein.

The truth is soy protein is great for lowering cholesterol levels, it contains more glutamine than any other type of protein and it is a fully complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids!

#1 Optimum Nutrition 100% Soy

Optimum Nutrition 100% Soy     

Optimum Nutrition's 100% Soy Protein is a favorite among those looking to shed a few pounds. Each scoop contains only 120 calories, 100 of those calories come from pure protein and the rest come from healthy fats! This product is vegetarian-friendly, sugar free and cholesterol free; with no sugar and zero grams of carbohydrates this protein is perfect for those who are looking to lose weight with a low carbohydrate diet!

Value Rating  5 Star Rating    
User Rating  4 Star Rating    
Our Rating  4.5 Star Rating    
Overall Rating: 4.6      

#2 NOW Soy Isolate

NOW Soy Isolate     

Now Foods Non-GMO Soy protein has only one ingredient in this product, which is non-GMO soy protein isolate. There are no fillers or artificially sweeteners included in this protein powder at all. Non-GMO means that the plants that were used to create this product are not genetically modified in any way which supports a more natural product with no adverse side effects. With only 90 calories per serving and 80 of which coming from protein, this protein powder is great for those looking to include it in a low calorie diet.

Value Rating  4 Star Rating    
User Rating  4.5 Star Rating    
Our Rating  4.5 Star Rating    
Overall Rating: 4.4      

#3 Six Star Soy Protein

Six Star Soy Protein     

From the makers of MuscleTech comes another wonderful product! Soy Protein by Six Star is a great tool for those looking to lose a few pounds. Six Star has included 4 grams of fiber in each serving as well as vitamins B6 and B12 to support metabolic energy. Another great highlight of this product is the very small amount of sugar it contains, per 20 grams of protein there is only 0.5 grams of sugar, which can be a great help in supporting a lean, healthy body.

Value Rating  5 Star Rating    
User Rating  4 Star Rating    
Our Rating  4 Star Rating    
Overall Rating: 4.3      

#4 EAS Soy Isolate

EAS Soy Protein Isolate

The protein in EAS Soy is of the best quality, it is composed of 100% soy protein isolate. This product also has a fantastic taste with zero grams of saturated fat. Overall it is a great source of protein for those who are lactose intolerant or are looking for a vegetarian source of protein. One potential negative of this product is the high amount of sugar. Each serving contains 17 grams of sugar.

Value Rating  4.5 Star Rating    
User Rating  4.5 Star Rating    
Our Rating  3.5 Star Rating    
Overall Rating: 4.1