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Cellucor is known for quality in the products that it makes and Cor-Performance whey is no exception to this. This protein powder has a great profile of macro nutrients, in each scoop there is 25g Protein/ 3g Carb / 1.5g Fat / 5.5g BCAA's.

A semi-unique feature of this supplement is that it contains lactase which not only helps with the digestion of protein, but it also helps those with lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is caused in individuals that are missing a lactase enzyme, so the inclusion of lactase in this product helps the body to break down any lactose sugars needed.


Cor-Performance whey is also very versatile; whether it is first thing in the morning, a midafternoon snack or a post-workout refuel, this supplement will deliver results.

One of the major highlights of this whey protein is the fact that it is gluten-free! Very few protein powders on the market can say this which is another reason that Cor-Performance whey is top of the line when it comes to quality!


 Value Rating  4.5 Star Rating

Average price of Whey Protein: $12.38 per pound
Average price of Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey: $12.22 per pound

 User Rating  4.5 Star Rating

Out of more than 70 customer reviews, Cellucor's Cor-Performance Whey averaged 4.4 out of 5 stars. To see more reviews click here

 Mixability  5 Star Rating

This whey protein is incredibly easy to mix; it can be easily dissolved by stirring with a spoon.

 Taste  4.5 Star Rating

Based upon reviews most people enjoy the taste of Cellucor's whey protein. The safest flavor to choose if taste is a concern would be molten chocolate.


Whey Protein Isolates - See Protein Type Guide
Whey Protein Concentrate - See Protein Type Guide
Cellulose Gum - Indigestible food that passes through your digestive system without being absorbed. It is used to add more bulk and texture to the protein shake.
Xanthan Gum - A carbohydrate/fiber that creates a more pleasing texture to the protein shake and helps keep ingredients blended together.
Protease - An enzyme that will hydrolyze (breakdown) proteins into small pieces which leads to better digestion.
Cocoa(Processed with Alkali) - There are two main ways to extract cocoa powder out of beans. One way is called "The Broma Process" and the other is called "The Dutch Process" or "cocoa processed with Alkali" both processes are completely safe; the main difference is that the alkali method tends to be smoother and less bitter.
Acesulfame Potassium - Artificial calorie-free sugar substitute.
Sucralose - Artificial calorie-free sugar substitute.
Lactase - Essential to the complete digestion of whole milk. Lactase breaks down lactose, which makes dairy products "lactose free".
Other Ingredients - Natural and artificial flavors, salt.

When to use

Specific times

Whey isolate digests incredibly fast, so to take advantage of this aspect the best time to take this protein powder is first thing in the morning when the body is staving and also immediately following a gym workout when the body is looking to repair damaged muscles.

General times

Whey isolate can also be taken at just about any time of the day; it can be great to use when time is tight, or as a complement to a meal that does not contain enough protein.

When to use a different type of protein

Although whey protein can be taken anytime, there are some times of the day that casein protein would be better; for instance right before bed or when you know that you will be going without food for a considerable amount of time. This is because casein protein takes up to 8 hours to fully digest which will give your body a continuous supply of protein to use.

Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey Reviews

Reviewer Name: Travis Walkhill
Product Name: Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey
Overall Score: 100% - Excellent

Overall great product, very high quality, mixes easy and great taste!

I am a fitness trainer at Gold’s Gym and I hold many different certifications including supplementation. I chose this product because I was looking for something new that is from a reputable source. I noticed that this product has whey isolate as its first ingredient which shows that it a high quality product and the company is well established which makes me less fearful of discovering something toxic or experimental in their product.

Flavor/Taste: 5 Star Rating
I tried molten chocolate and it tastes pretty good. It reminds me of chocolate pudding, it had a nice creamy texture without an overly chalk like taste to it.

Cost/Value: 5 Star Rating
I think for the quality of this product (speaking based upon the ratio of isolate to concentrate) it is competitively priced for the protein supplement market.

Mixability: 5 Star Rating
This whey protein mixes very, very easily…with a spoon and water you can mix this up in just a few seconds! No clumps, no grittiness…5 stars in this department!

Effectiveness: 5 Star Rating
I really do believe this product is effective and is a great for adding additional protein that you need in your diet to build quality muscle that is going to benefit you long term. I would put this product at the same tier as optimum nutrition in terms of the effectiveness and results that you will get from adding this to your diet while going hard at the gym.

Overall/Conclusion: 5 Star Rating
There are really no negatives to this product, it tastes great, mixes super easy, is reasonably priced and it gets an A in my book for quality. I will likely continue to buy this product in the future while still trying new products. I would recommend this whey protein to anyone who is having a hard to eating enough protein to build muscle in the gym. I also recommend it to those looking to lean up since protein has a much higher thermic effect (meaning it takes more energy for your body to burn protein than it does to burn fat and carbohydrates).

Great Value
Mixes Well
Builds Muscle
Great for Recovery

No Cons

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