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RAW Organic by Garden of Life is one of the highest quality protein powders you can buy, especially for the cost. In each scoop you will find 17 grams of protein all originating from raw plant based foods. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no lactose or any type of animal based product.

One reason why this product stands out is because all of the ingredients are raw; this is important because heating up ingredients can denature proteins, which can reduce your body's ability to get the most out of the protein. The ingredients in this product are also 100% certified organic; the sprouted grains have been grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or any genetically modified organism (GMO).

Garden of Life RAW Protein    

This protein powder also includes live probiotics; this helps your digestive system which further enhances your ability to absorb and process these important nutrients.

Overall for the price you pay you are getting a terrific product that not only will help you to lose fat and build muscle, but it will also contribute to a healthier and stronger body.


 Value Rating  5 Star Rating

Average price of organic plant based protein: $24.34 per pound
Average price of Garden of Life RAW Organic: $19.53 per pound

 User Rating  4.0 Star Rating

Out of more than 2,600 customer reviews, Garden of Life RAW Organic averaged 4.0 out of 5 stars. To see these reviews click here

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 Mixability  5 Star Rating

This protein powder mixes very easily; however because of the raw plant based sprouts there will be some grittiness that will not dissolve into the product by simply mixing it with a spoon.

 Taste  4.0 Star Rating

Based on many reviews, this product tastes good for being such a natural product. It is not overly sweet like many other products are; but on the other hand the texture may be displeasing to some people.


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When to use

General times

Plant based protein powders can be taken at just about any time. It is great to take in between meals and as a supplement to a diet lacking in plant foods.

When to use a different type of protein

Although you can take this protein at any time of the day, there are other types of protein that may be better to take during certain time periods than others because of digestion rates. For instance, whey protein spikes amino acids levels very quickly which can be useful for that post workout window when the body is looking for nutrients. Another example is casein protein; it takes the body 7-8 hours to fully digest casein protein which makes it a long lasting source of protein; this is particularly effective to take right before bed when your body can use this slow absorbing protein throughout the entire night!

Garden of Life RAW Protein Reviews

Reviewer Name: Brandon Koch
Product Name: Garden of Life RAW Organic
Overall Score: 92% - Excellent

Quality protein powder; texture is gritty but overall a great product!

My name is Brandon, my main fitness goals in life revolve around building muscle and getting as lean as possible. I typically bounce back and forth with bulking and cutting on a regular basis. I've done one natural bodybuilding show and might try another in the future. I chose this product because of the health benefits. I feel that because I eat a lot of meat and dairy products that I need to counteract it with some vegetables, the only problem is that I don't crave them and find it hard to include in my diet; I feel as if this is the next best thing.

Flavor/Taste: 4 Star Rating
The flavor that I have tried is chocolate; the taste wasn't terrible, I think the part that most people will not enjoy is the texture. It is very gritty and if you don't drink it right away it gets thicker and thicker (similar to casein in this way). If not for the texture I think the taste would be great.

Cost/Value: 5 Star Rating
I try to buy this product while it's on sale; but honestly for what you get out of the product it really is a good buy, even at full retail.

Mixability: 4 Star Rating
It mixes fairly easy, but as I already stated, the grittiness will not go away and it is something that you have to deal with when drinking this product. You can mix it with a spoon easily and I have only tried to mix this in water so far.

Effectiveness: 5 Star Rating
I think this is a great product for achieving your goals, with all the fiber and quality organic sprouts I believe it is a great protein powder for losing weight and keeping yourself healthy. I did notice that I had more energy when I took this product, I don't know if it was from taking this product, but it would make sense seeing as my body is not used to those types of nutrients.

Overall/Conclusion: 5 Star Rating
I believe the ingredients and macronutrients in this product are in the top 5% of all protein powders. This company really does a great job of including only the best quality ingredients at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a macronutrient profile that is lower on fats and simple carbohydrates than I believe this product fits the bill.

Great Value
Builds Muscle
Great for Recovery
Great Macronutrient Profile

Bad Texture

Reviewer Name: Jennifer Townsand
Product Name: Garden of Life RAW Organic
Overall Score: 96% - Excellent

Fantastic protein; very high quality and 100% plant based.

I personal train people for a living, because of this, I’m always looking for the best and the healthiest ways to create a healthy body. I tried this particular protein powder out because of the raw organic nature of it. It is hard to find products nowadays that are not over processed and that don't contain manmade/artificial ingredients.

Flavor/Taste: 4 Star Rating
For what this product is, it’s easy to see why it won’t taste quite like your ultra-sweetened optimum nutrition products. If you are expecting to have a sweet amazing taste then you probably will not like this product. For those that don’t mind a mild semi-tasteless protein shake then you will likely enjoy this. One aspect that is hard for some to get past is the grittiness that stems from the raw organic nature of this vegan protein. If you are not bothered by texture then this is a decent tasting protein powder.

Cost/Value: 5 Star Rating
Usually whenever you see something truly organic, the price tag that comes along with it is crazy expensive. But surprisingly this product is very comparable to other plant based protein powders that aren’t even organic. Great value!

Mixability: 5 Star Rating
Some people may confuse the grittiness of this product as it being hard to mix. The fact is if you are mixing it in anything short of a blender there will be noticeable gritty pieces; other than that it mixes extremely well.

Effectiveness: 5 Star Rating
Without a doubt vegan friendly foods, such as this one will improve your overall health; studies have shown that it helps improve cardiac health and improve overall health markers. If your goal is to lose weight then this product can really be very effective in this regard; with plenty of fiber and the absence of insulin spiking sugar this product will be a great aid in losing weight.

Overall/Conclusion: 5 Star Rating
This product deserves 5 stars in my book. In a world where most people do not get near their recommended serving of vegetables and where obesity is becoming the norm; this product really helps in many facets and it is very inexpensive. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and I will continue to purchase this protein as part of my main supplementation.

Great Value
Great for Fat Loss
Great for Recovery
Great Macronutrient Profile


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