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Zero Carb Protein Powder by Isopure is a very high quality protein powder that boasts 100 calories of pure whey protein isolate in each 105 calorie scoop! There are no carbs, no sugar and only a quarter of a gram of fat per scoop.

For those looking for no artificial sweeteners, Isopure also has flavors such as “Natural Vanilla” and “Natural Chocolate” and even an “Unflavored” version that leave them completely out and can have a fantastic taste when added to drinks such as almond milk, cashew milk or something similar.

Isopure Zero Carb - Nutrition Facts

Isopure also includes a blend of vitamins and minerals to help supplement most diets that are lacking in these important nutrients, having adequate vitamins and minerals in your diet will help out greatly with your goals of building lean muscle tissue and losing fat.

Isopure Zero Carb - Vitamins and Minerals

This product is lactose and gluten free and contains no impurities. Overall this is a terrific supplement for those looking to lose weight with a low carbohydrate diet and the high quality protein and minerals contained in this product will help you in all of your fitness endeavors.


 Value Rating  4.5 Star Rating

Average price of Whey Isolate Protein: $14.83 per pound
Average price of Isopure Zero Carb Whey Isolate: $12.86 per pound

 User Rating  4.5 Star Rating

Out of more than 4700 customer reviews, Isopure Zero Carb averaged 4.2 out of 5 stars. To see these reviews click here

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 Mixability  5 Star Rating

This protein powder is made completely of whey isolate, which means that it will be incredibly easy to mix; in fact you will not have any problems mixing this with just a spoon and a sufficient amount of liquid.

 Taste  4.5 Star Rating

The taste of this product largely depends on the flavor chosen. Based on the creamy vanilla and Dutch chocolate flavors this product tastes great. However if you choose flavors such as Natural chocolate the taste will be much less sweet and more bitter. A great option if you are looking to avoid artificial sweeteners is to get the unflavored version and add it to something you like the taste of such as almond milk or something similar.


Whey Protein Isolates - See Protein Type Guide
Vitamin and Mineral Blend
Soy Lecithin - A non-toxic additive to food that helps ingredients mix together better and improves shelf life.
L-Glutamine - An Amino Acid that has many benefits including assisting muscle growth, hydration of your cells, gastrointestinal health and even brain function.
Sucralose - Artificial calorie-free sugar substitute.
Xanthan Gum - Fiber that creates a more pleasing texture to the protein shake and helps keep ingredients blended together.

When to use

Specific times

Whey isolate digests incredibly fast, so to take advantage of this aspect the best time to take this protein powder is first thing in the morning when the body is staving and also immediately following a gym workout when the body is looking to repair damaged muscles.

General times

Whey isolate can also be taken at just about any time of the day; it can be great to use when time is tight, or as a complement to a meal that does not contain enough protein.

When to use a different type of protein

Although whey protein can be taken anytime, there are some times of the day that casein protein would be better; for instance right before bed or when you know that you will be going without food for a considerable amount of time. This is because casein protein takes up to 8 hours to fully digest which will give your body a continuous supply of protein to use.

Isopure Zero Carb Whey Isolate Reviews

Reviewer Name: Jamie Lycon
Product Name: Isopure Zero Carb Whey Isolate
Overall Score: 100% - Excellent

One of the purest protein powders on the market!

My goals in life revolve around staying lean, while having enough muscle to not look like a skeleton. I’ve been looking for a protein powder for a while now that doesn’t have carbohydrates in it (which is harder than you may think) I finally ran across this product and I love it! I got the unflavored taste so that I could mix it with my smoothies and add it to other drinks that I enjoy!

Flavor/Taste: 5 Star Rating
I love the unflavored taste since I can mix it into anything I want without it adding an extra weird flavor to my drink.

Cost/Value: 5 Star Rating
Without a doubt the cost of this product is very inexpensive when you compare the quality of this product to others. Even optimum nutrition has whey concentrate in it which costs less to manufacture, yet Isopure is just about the same cost per pound.

Mixability: 5 Star Rating
Extremely easy to mix into anything I want; this protein powder even mixes into cold drinks from the refrigerator. I usually add this to my cashew milk.

Effectiveness: 5 Star Rating
I’m not really sure what kind of results I’m getting from this product, but I really do believe that this is the best protein powder for me since it contains lots of vitamins and minerals and has zero carbohydrates, which so far for me being on a low carb diet has really helped me to keep the weight off.

Overall/Conclusion: 5 Star Rating
Overall I think is product is a terrific value; it mixes super easy and really is the purest protein I have come across. There is no whey concentrate or any added artificial sweeteners (if you get the unflavored version) and the extra vitamins and minerals really an added benefit since I’m not currently taking a multi-vitamin. I would definitely recommend this product to others who are looking for a high quality protein powder and I plan on continuing to buy this product.

Great Value
Great for Fat Loss
Mixes Well
Builds Muscle
Great Macronutrient Profile


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