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NOW is well known for putting only necessary ingredients into their products. In any NOW product it is expected that there will be no fake sugars, texture additives or other ingredients that cannot be pronounced. NOW's micellar casein is no exception!

One of the most important things about this product is that it contains only micellar protein. Micellar protein is the slowest digesting form of protein on the market today! Many other brands will also include calcium caseinate in order to cut costs of their product, but calcium caseinate does not last nearly as long in the body as micellar casein does.


Another great thing about this product is that it is instantized, which is extremely helpful in a micellar casein supplement because micellar casein is the hardest protein powder to mix. With it being instantized it makes it much easier to mix together.

Overall this is a great product that will deliver on quality and purity!


 Value Rating  4 Star Rating

Average price of Casein Protein: $14.32 per pound
Average price of NOW Micellar Casein: $14.44 per pound

 User Rating  4 Star Rating

NOW Micellar Casein has not been reviewed as many times as other products, but out of the few reviews on this product, NOW Micellar Casein averaged a 4.0 out of 5 stars. To see more reviews click here

 Mixability  4 Star Rating

Micellar casein is extremely difficult to mix and will likely form clumps if not mixed with a blender. That being said, this product will be much easier to mix than other micellar casein products because NOW has instantized the casein so that it will form less clumps and mix better.

 Taste  2 Star Rating

This product is unflavored; it has no artificial sweeteners or added sugar which means that although it will be healthier, it is not going to taste good when it is mixed with nothing that adds any flavor.


Micellar Casein - See Protein Type Guide
Sunflower Lecithin - A non-toxic additive to food that helps ingredients mix together better and improves shelf life.

When to use

Specific times

Micellar Casein digests extremely slow and can last in the body for up to 7 or 8 hours! The best time to take this protein would be right before bed when the body has to go without protein for a long time. Another great time to take this supplement would be when a person knows there will be an extended period of time that they will not have any food to eat.

General times

Casein protein can be taken at just about any time during the day, it is great for taking in the morning or afternoon to last you through most of the day, and ultimately superior during the night right before bed.

When to use a different type of protein

Although Casein protein is great for taking any time during the day, taking a faster digesting protein would be beneficial immediately following strenuous exercise. This is because the body has a short period of time in which it will absorb and use protein rapidly and feeding your body with a fast digesting protein (such as whey) will provide much better results during this short window!