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NOW products are known for their simplicity when it comes to ingredients. When looking for a product that contains no preservatives, chemicals or a bunch of ingredients that you cannot pronounce, NOW is the perfect company to go with!

NOW's egg white protein is a great source of high quality protein. It rates very well on the PDCAAS (protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) which is a method of ranking protein based upon amino acid requirements of humans, and the ability to digest it.


Another important benefit of this product is the lack of extra fats and carbs; this supplement has less than a gram of fat and carbohydrates per serving, which means that 64 out of 75 calories per serving come from high quality protein.


 Value Rating  4 Star Rating

Average price of Egg White Protein: $23.11 per pound
Average price of NOW Egg White: $23.00 per pound

 User Rating  4 Star Rating

Out of more than 250 customer reviews, NOW Egg White averaged 4.0 out of 5 stars. To see these reviews click here

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 Mixability  2 Star Rating

Egg white protein powder does not mix very easily and it is recommended to use a blender for mixing this product.

 Taste  2 Star Rating

This product is unflavored; it has no artificial sweeteners or added sugar which means that although it will be more healthy, it is not going to taste good when it is mixed with nothing that adds any flavor.


Egg white Powder - See Protein Type Guide

When to use

General times

Egg White digests at a moderate speed; it takes around 4 hours to fully digest this protein, making it a great protein to take throughout the day and in between meals.

When to use a different type of protein

Even though egg white is great to take throughout the day, there are times when other types of protein would be more beneficial. For example, taking a casein based protein will be more beneficial for right before bed than egg white would be. There are also times in which the body will need a very fast digesting protein, such as right after a hard workout; in this case a whey based protein would be better to consume to facilitate immediate recovery.

NOW Foods Egg White Reviews

Reviewer Name: David Cope
Product Name: NOW Foods Egg White
Overall Score: 88% - Good

LOVE this stuff, great for smoothies, no nasty aftertaste!

I chose this particular protein for two main reasons: first, I am lactose intolerant and needed a protein that was not dairy based. Second, I make smoothies just about every morning and I was looking for something that wouldn't change the flavor of my smoothie but yet would add some protein into my morning diet. This product works perfectly for me!

Flavor/Taste: 5 Star Rating
There is no flavor to this protein, but I would imagine that it wouldn’t taste great if you only mixed it with water, so I would recommend putting it with something that adds flavor. Also don’t expect it to smell like roses when you open it, it is egg after all!

Cost/Value: 4 Star Rating
I will admit that egg protein is much more costly than a cheap whey or soy protein; but I really do believe based upon the cost of producing this product that I am getting a great value and a great source of protein.

Mixability: 3 Star Rating
I tried mixing this once without a blender and it is extremely difficult to fully dissolve. If you are going to buy this product make sure you own a blender as this will be the most effective way of mixing this product in anything.

Effectiveness: 5 Star Rating
This product is definitely fulfilling its place in my diet. It is a great, pain free way to add extra essential amino acids into your diet without changing the taste of your smoothie.

Overall/Conclusion: 5 Star Rating
Overall I really like this product and I will be buying more of this protein in the future.

Great for Smoothies
Builds Muscle
Great for Recovery
Great Macronutrient Profile

No Cons

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