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NOW Whey Isolate is based on purity. This product is one of the very few that does not include any artificial sweeteners; in fact the only two ingredients of this product are whey protein isolate and soy lecithin.

Another important thing to note about this product is that it is made of 100% whey isolate; many other brands will say that they contain whey isolate but will also have whey concentrate in their blend.


Lastly, NOW Whey Isolate has listed every one of their ingredients including the amounts of every Branch Chain Amino Acid. Products that do not hide behind proprietary blends will always be the better choice when it comes to choosing the best protein powder.

Overall this protein powder is one of the best on the market when it comes to purity, ingredients and customer satisfaction.


 Value Rating  4 Star Rating

Average price of Whey Protein: $12.38 per pound
Average price of NOW Whey: $12.34 per pound

 User Rating  4.5 Star Rating

Out of more than 1000 customer reviews, NOW Whey averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars. To see these reviews click here

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 Mixability  5 Star Rating

The whey protein in this product is made up of 100% whey isolates which means that it is very easy to mix into water and can be easily dissolved by stirring with a spoon.

 Taste  2 Star Rating

This product is unflavored; it has no artificial sweeteners or added sugar which means that although it will be more healthy, it is not going to taste good when it is mixed with nothing that adds any flavor.


Whey Protein Isolates - See Protein Type Guide
Soy Lecithin - A non-toxic additive to food that helps ingredients mix together better and improves shelf life.

When to use

Specific times

Whey isolate digests incredibly fast, so to take advantage of this aspect the best time to take this protein powder is first thing in the morning when the body is staving and also immediately following a gym workout when the body is looking to repair damaged muscles.

General times

Whey isolate can also be taken at just about any time of the day; it can be great to use when time is tight, or as a complement to a meal that does not contain enough protein.

When to use a different type of protein

Although whey protein can be taken anytime, there are some times of the day that casein protein would be better; for instance right before bed or when you know that you will be going without food for a considerable amount of time. This is because casein protein takes up to 8 hours to fully digest which will give your body a continuous supply of protein to use.

NOW Foods Whey Isolate Reviews

Reviewer Name: Tim Hamilton
Product Name: NOW Foods Whey Isolate
Overall Score: 100% - Excellent

Best Protein Hands Down!

I am a personal trainer, I’ve been into exercise and nutrition all my life and without a doubt this is the best protein I’ve come across. I chose this protein because there are only two ingredients! It is by far the purest, simplest and best protein out there.

Flavor/Taste: 5 Star Rating
This protein powder is tasteless, meaning that no matter what you add it to it will have the same taste of whatever you are mixing it into. There is no added texture or nasty fake sugar tastes, just pure tasteless whey protein.

Cost/Value: 5 Star Rating
NOW Whey is slightly more expensive than other whey protein powders out there, but you really are getting an excellent value when it comes to just pure whey isolate protein. The rest of the protein powders out there will add cheap fillers and other ingredients that just don’t belong in a protein powder; but the old saying goes… you get what you pay for.

Mixability: 5 Star Rating
After just a few seconds of stirring this in anything it will be completely dissolved, no clumps no graininess

Effectiveness: 5 Star Rating
I recommend this to everyone I train because of the people I instruct are those that have issues with weight and just want to have a lean and tone body. This protein really helps with that since there are no added sugars to raise insulin levels (which ultimately promotes fat storage).

Overall/Conclusion: 5 Star Rating
When you compare what you’re getting for the price, this protein powder is by far leaps and bounds ahead of every other; it’s one of the few protein powders that is made of 100% whey isolate, it mixes incredibly easy and it is the purest whey protein you will find. I will buy this protein for years to come.

Great Value
Mixes Well
Great for Fat Loss
Builds Muscle
Great for Recovery
Great Macronutrient Profile

No Cons

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